COMAP Investment Regime – Modifications of the Basic General Operating Criteria


Electric Vehicles – Temporary Investments: Electric passenger vehicles with exclusively electric motorization are considered as eligible investments until August 31, 2023.

Passenger and utility vehicles with exclusively electric motorization acquired to be leased by companies whose activity consists of leasing vehicles without a driver and they are not assigned through use credit contracts.

The CIF import value ceiling was set at US$40,000.

Vehicles must stamp a poster centered on the two (2) front doors, except when they display company advertising, in which case it may be placed at the bottom of both doors, establishing that it is promoted under the protection of the Investment Law and also the corporate name of the company.

Utility vehicle cap: Trucks and vans are considered eligible those that are used directly for the company’s activity and whose CIF value does not exceed US$30,000. When they are electric vehicles, the CIF value may not exceed 60,000 US dollars.

Investments in utility vans will be eligible regardless of the CIF value, for vehicles that have the following characteristics: (4) four wheels, that transport merchandise in a closed box, without side glass and that have a gross weight of (12) twelve tons.

Solar panels:

It is established that for investments in photovoltaic solar panels made by companies defined as large energy consumers that have a maximum installed power equal to or greater than 250 KW, connected in medium or high voltage.

Improvement in the employability of personnel: The option of determining the score of the indicator is incorporated considering the number of employees subject to training in relation to the total number of employees of the company.

Incorporation of products: Sorghum, Rapeseed – Canola and Brassica Carinata.

Incorporation of a new quality certification: “ISCC – International Sustainability & Carbon Certification).

Updating of the list of certifications: Admitted for sectoral indicator differentiation of products and processes.

Updating of the Technological Level indicator of the elaborated product: Incorporation of the green hydrogen product.

Investment in seedlings and implantation costs: The maximum prices per seedling and the coefficient are updated to determine the maximum implantation cost per hectare.

Dual training system: These are education, training or job training proposals or courses from educational or training entities with the aim of deepening and broadening knowledge.

Infrastructure services: Investments may be included in projects that do not provide accommodation, but fully or partially satisfy specific deficiencies in the tourism plant in certain areas, as well as investments that include innovative tourism services.

Extensions of Projects Presented:

When presenting an extension, the basic criteria that were in force on the date of presentation of the project that originates the extension should not be taken into account, but the criteria in force at the time of presenting it.

  • Between 10% and 30% of the eligible promoted investment, an increase in the total score of the indicators of the weighting matrix will be required.
  • Less than 10% there are no requirements.
  • Expansions that exceed 30% of the eligible promoted investment are considered as a new project.