We design multidisciplinary teams based on the requirements of each customer. We are fully committed to excellence. We seek to build relationships of mutual trust, under the premise of complete confidentiality and technical rigor. We have high end infrastructure to serve our customers.

Legal area

DFG has attended over the years numerous clients in matters of corporate nature. Our clients are advised on how best to meet your legal needs may be: a representative office in Uruguay, how to set a joint venture, a foreign company with foreign capital in full or a local company, among others.

DFG provides the following services:

  • Incorporation of companies.
  • Merging and transformation of corporate types.
  • Franchising.
  • Advice and assistance in legal and formal aspects.
  • Legal advice in all areas of commercial law, civil, tax, administrative and labor.
  • Determining the most appropriate legal form established upon

The analysis of real estate transactions is one of the key aspects to assess the soundness of investment projects. DFG works with specialized notaries.

We provide, among others, the following services:

  • Real estate transfer deeds.
  • Constitution of mortgages, pledges or other guarantees.
  • Certification of signatures and notary services in general.

We made representations to Dirección Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial (National Office of Industrial Property), in the search, renewals, oppositions and registration, as well as in the monitoring necessary to protect its brand: product, service, collective, certification, warranty and advertising area all classes.

After exhausting all roads that allow extra-judicial settlement of conflicts, DFG provides a reliable and robust service sponsorship, starting from the preliminary negotiations until the last instance that the case warrants.

Based on our values of integrity, legality and confidentiality, our client will have a permanent lawyer to accompany him on all judicial steps, along with a solid written work appropriate to what the prosecution demands.

We continuously update existing doctrine and jurisprudence in Commercial Law, Tax, Civil, Financial, Administrative and Labor.

We include:

  • Mediation, Arbitration.
  • Demands, answering demands, appeals, matching processes, etc..
  • Administrative resources to collection agencies.

Having a clear and well-defined strategy of the receivables is essential for companies.

DFG offers a wide range of services for the management of collections. We litigate, mediate and represent on behalf of creditors, optimizing the time for our clients.


The tax law is very complex in our country. Increasingly, businesses are facing problems because of the difficulty in the interpretation and application of the regulations. In the current tax system, it is important to assess correctly the tax component to analyze the profitability of each activity.

In DFG assist our clients in the interpretation of different tax regulations to frame each operation in order to avoid unnecessary costs and optimize business results. We also assist the client in preparing annual tax affidavits, and periodic reviews of the tax situation of each client.

The specific benefit for customers is to know exactly the profitability of their business and their investments. Upon learning of the actual tax incidence, you can change a decision or defer the operation to a more propitious market or the taxpayer fiscal situation.

We provide accounting services to our clients. In this area, it is essential to structure a chart of accounts that reflects the client business model.

In addition to traditional accounting services, we provide management accounting services that allows monitoring the key factors in the development of the business.

We take care to prepare and submit the required documentation by the authorities, as required by the customer.

Our accounting services include:

  • Basic Accounting.
  • Design and implementation of accounting systems. Account Plans.
  • Accounting records. Imputation and account analysis and reconciliations.
  • Preparation and analysis of financial statements.
  • Monthly Balance sheets.
  • Technical advice and comprehensive accounting analysis.
  • System design costs.
  • Analysis of the financial situation.
  • Management Indicators.
  • Monitoring daily movements with respective controls over receipts.

We provide management and consulting services for the installation of companies in Uruguay, both local and abroad. We also coordinate the opening of bank accounts and any other step necessary to implement its business unit, providing a comprehensive legal and tax advice.

DFG offers financial advisory services, to ensure that decisions are evaluated together with the customer according to their financial needs and expected return. The independence is reinforced, because our advice is separated from those who sell or buy financial assets.


Increasingly, audits are used to determine the degree of reliability of the financial statements and procedures. In DFG we go beyond this definition. We work bringing the concept of reliability to the diagnosis of weaknesses in the reporting system and internal control, which corrected on time we help to improve organizational performance.

This service provides customers the confidence to act in the current corporate environment. It also means a substantial improvement in the internal management of the company, optimizing the available financial and human resources.

DFG can take different types of audits, the most common are:

  • Financial. We review the financial statements. Its aim is to assess whether the balance sheet figures and the results present fairly the company’s current situation.
  • System Audits. They support the execution and implementation of systems, policies and procedures established by management.
  • Special. The general direction or competent body of the contracting company determines the purpose and scope of the audit.

In recent years this type of business has grown due to the flexibility of the companies that invest in real estate, furniture, shares, securities, trademark, patent, rights of invention, etc.., Outside the Uruguayan territory, the legal form is an offshore company.For this reason, our study provides multidisciplinary services for this area, such as:

  • Advice on the legal form adopted.
  • International tax planning.
  • Training and / or acquisition of Uruguayan companies or in major offshore centers.
  • Administrative and accounting, preparation of financial statements.

The main advantages of working in Free Zone territory is based on a broad exemption from national taxes, foreign trade and an excellent infrastructure. This legal form is useful for companies seeking to work abroad with high comparative advantages.

Our services include:

  • Acquisition or formation of the Free Zone Corporation.
  • Implementation of projects at local and regional level.
  • Training or acquiring local companies or other offshore centers.
  • Comprehensive administrative and accounting services. Preparation of financial statements.
  • Full legal advice.
  • Audit of Financial Statements.

To set directions in two worlds as diverse and complex as the company and the family, management strategies become a fine art that blends creativity, experience and vision to meet the commitment to share the work with loved ones.

The main problem with these companies is that they often move to the formality of a professional organization from an informal family atmosphere. Over time, the growth of system-family-owned company will require more professional treatment, which will require the correct application of the rules of a game as complicated. An ideal family business is the one that guarantees to each of its members the optimal scenario for their overall development, both economically and emotionally.

Through our advice and the application of specialized methods, are able to maintain the operation of the system through a united family, a healthy company, heritage preservation and generational continuity of hand proper planning. For any company wishing to preserve their family character, must have the ability to become professional (that includes attracting and retaining non-family members) and plan the succession of its success.

Businesses cannot survive if they do not adapt to the changes, new challenges and context of their environment. To do this, we provide business plans that enable our clients address those opportunities and threats. Does your company have a clear path for the next five years? We can help you build a strategic plan for the development of your business.

Recruitment and Selection / Evaluation and Development / Labor Relations / Employee Benefits

Assessment in acquisitions
and mergers

In the cases of acquisitions and mergers of companies, our service offers the appropriate structure when it comes to lodging capital participations that are going to be chosen. It is important in this stage that the investor and / or the buyer contemplates the international regulatory provisions in this matter. In this sense we have a multidisciplinary team integrated with different specialized professionals  formed  in  investment funds and buying/selling  transactions.

Our service focuses primarily on providing financing to companies and / or projects that meet certain selection criteria, to be provided by “family”  profile investors. The initial areas of interest for financing are established in companies in formation (“start ups”) or companies that are in other stages such as  the intermediate development phase and / or strategic projects of interest. In this last case could be  in sectors of activity with high growth potential and a strong component of generating added value (eg artificial intelligence, Fintech, technological innovation, biotechnology, intellectual capital, software, among others), and / or relevant economic activity areas. The scope of the service is on  structuring the financing for venture capital of the type of:

  1. startup capital (“Seed / Angel funding);
  2. development capital (“Venture Capital”)
  3. expansion capital and / or leveraged purchase of companies (“Private Equity”).

The three alternatives are fundamentally distinguished by the phase of the business cycle in which the company is located and / or the investment project, the amount of investment required, and the associated business and credit risk.

Our study provides advice in the different phases of the process:


Preliminary analysis of the project : includes an initial diagnosis of viability and the presentation of a final report with the main recommendations suggested for the purpose of the adequate accomplishment of the entrusted works


Assistance in the development of a financing program (“product program”): including an integral analysis (360º) of the investor’s operations, covering the main accounting, fiscal, legal and financial aspects, and the preparation of a summary document with the main characteristics and suggested procedures (“structure”), for the purpose of the eventual successful implementation of the project.


Management facing  the competent authorities: coordination of the necessary official procedures in order to adequate and  comply with the applicable legal and regulatory framework, including the management of the authorization to operate and / or obtain any relevant licenses in cases of investment funds . Moreover we take care of the  supply of the legal structure  in case of simple structures.


Support in the preparation of a business plan: we take care of the assistance in the development of a schedule of commercial activities, marketing and a recommended action plan, and the preparation of the documentation that is necessary to present to the competent authorities and / or third parties of interest, including but not limited to potential individual investors, “target” financing companies and institutional investors, among others, according to the guidelines previously defined in common agreement with the company


Assistance in the launching of the Fund (if applicable): coordination of the relevant start-up activities (or initial capital deployment phase), including, but not limited to, the implementation of the defined financing program (” program product “) and the financial structuring of the fund;